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Image by Michael Maasen
Image by Michal Czyz


Choir and DET (Drama Entertainment Team) meets at our church for their weekly rehearsal on Friday from 8pm. Throughout the year, the team performs shows and an annual concert for charity and for special seasons such as Easter and Christmas Cantatas. 

For further information, please contact our church office 020 8517 6159.

Image by Ross Sneddon

40 years of the DETs!


The DET (Drama Entertainment Team) led by Bob Rice was formed in 1982 following a talent evening and has had more than 70 members involved over 40 years. We have compiled variety shows, pantomimes and in recent years merged with the choir to offer interaction in Church services.


Our performances were mainly based at Old Dagenham Methodist Church before moving to Beacontree Heath in the last decade. We have also performed in many venues around the circuit and of course visits to perform at Clacton as well as local old peoples’ homes. We received mixed reactions from our senior citizens including the man who arrived as we were finishing and a couple arrived expressing “Oh no it’s a group from the Church” before turning and leaving. We like to think that it was their loss.


As with many amateur dramatic groups, we have many memories. We performed to 4 people who moved seats between sketches and we were asked at one venue what we were doing there! We have used plenty of cream in our cake sketches and had a few mishaps, like a beanstalk that wouldn’t grow and a pumpkin that remained on stage even though Cinderella’s coach had arrived.


Vying for top place must be what has become known as the “John Dawson” moment. The show at Oxlow Lane was progressing well until we got to a sketch where John had a part. John was nowhere to be found backstage and was spotted sitting in the audience enjoying the show. We, of course, had an enforced hiatus during “the Covid period” but are now back and performing.


We hope that over the years we have brought laughter and fun whilst raising, through the generosity of many, much needed money for many charities.


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